About Red Cell Therapeutics™

At Rubius Therapeutics®, we are creating red blood cells and turning them into potential medicines, called Red Cell Therapeutics.

Rubius Therapeutics has two distinct investigational approaches to treat cancer – first, through broad immune system stimulation, and second, through a more direct approach, called antigen-specific stimulation, which is designed to instruct the immune system to target specific types of cancer.

Broad Immune System Activation for the Treatment of Cancer

Red Cell Therapeutics for the treatment of cancer are designed to have combinations of cancer-fighting molecules on the cell surface that have the potential to activate and expand the body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells.

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Cell Therapeutics

What are Red Cell Therapeutics?

Rubius Therapeutics’ Red Cell Therapeutics are red blood cells that have been biologically engineered into investigational cellular therapies for the potential treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

How are Red Cell Therapeutics made?

  • Red blood cells are continuously replenished by the body from precursor cells in the bone marrow to maintain healthy levels in circulation.
  • Rubius Therapeutics uses these precursor cells to create its Red Cell Therapeutics.
  • These precursor cells are collected from healthy O-negative blood donors.
  • To turn these precursor cells into investigational cellular therapies, Rubius Therapeutics uses a process called biological engineering to insert an extra gene or genes encoding therapeutic proteins into the cell.
  • The precursor cells are then placed into cell culturing tanks, where they grow and turn into red blood cells.
  • During the culturing process, the cells lose their nucleus, leaving the therapeutic protein in or on the surface of the red blood cell.

How are Red Cell Therapeutics given to a patient?

Red Cell Therapeutics are administered via infusion into a vein.

In what treatment setting is a patient given Red Cell Therapeutics (e.g. doctor’s office, infusion center)?

Red Cell Therapeutics will be given at the clinical trial center.

How do I know that the donor’s cells used to make Red Cell Therapeutics are safe?

  • The cell supply that Rubius Therapeutics uses to create Red Cell Therapeutics is rigorously tested for safety and quality and comes from certified centers that meet federal safety standards.
  • Donors are screened for infectious diseases and donor blood is tested for infectious agents, similar to other blood-based products.

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